Rook & Raven Aromatic Perfume

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Rook & Raven was originally created for one of our Halloween releases, but fast became a customer favourite. It has a very sensual aroma with an air of mystery about it. Inspired by the gothic nature of the rook and the raven.

Scent characteristics: A dark, mystifying blend of sweet sicilian orange, with a dry-down of aged patchouli, sandalwood & blackened vanilla. This scent combination is so beautiful we have never had anyone not like it. Suitable for all genders, it captures the essence of orange and vanilla giving it a sweet note on first sniff, which slowly darkens with the addtion of the patchouli and sandalwood. A beautifully, well-rounded perfume that fast became a best seller, and still today outsells anything else in our shop.

Available as a 50ml Eau de Parfum, or a 5ml Perfume oil. 1ml Sample available.

The 50ml bottle comes packaged in a black velvet bag (AVAILABLE IN THE UK ONLY DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS)

The 5ml oil comes packaged in a box with a wax seal. (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE - NO RESTRICTIONS).

17 Reviews

  • 5
    Smells divine

    Published by SallyAnn on 14th Jun 2024

    This was a free gift but I would happily purchase it and will certainly be trying out more of the oils.

  • 5
    Unique scent!

    Published by Isabel on 15th May 2024

    I think I've been converted to perfume oils! To me, they last a lot longer on my skin and you can really target where you want to apply it. The scent itself to me is really orange-y when first applied, which feels appropriate for the warm weather we've been having, and after a while smells more like a sweet vanilla. It's a super unique smell (in a good way) and doesn't feel like anything you could get anywhere else. Deffo wanting to try some other scents from this business.

  • 5
    Rook and Raven perfume

    Published by Dhru on 13th Apr 2024

    Smells gorgeous and long lasting.

  • 5
    Very special!

    Published by Meg R on 22nd Jan 2024

    I had been looking for a new indie perfumer in the UK and was so pleased to come across FP! I had to try Rook and Raven as I’ve heard nothing but good things. Initially I wasn’t 100% sure whether it was for me, but by day 2 I can definitely say I’m a happy convert! On my skin I get more of the patchouli and sandalwood, and can detect the orange also. I feel like this is a complex and interesting scent, and in my mind ever so slightly masculine and sensual. I’d be very happy to share this with my male partner. As other reviewers said, you can really detect each stage as this scent unfolds, I cannot stop sniffing my skin!

  • 5
    Rook & Raven perfume oil

    Published by Anne Davies on 9th Oct 2023

    Just love this scent. It’s hard to describe what makes it so appealing – but I think it’s a mixture of sensuality and comfort. Alongside the mysterious and more heady elements of the scent, there’s a layer that makes me think of warm clean skin after a soak in the bath. Whatever it is, it’s a real pleasure to wear.

  • 5
    Rook & Raven 5ml Perfume Oil

    Published by Elizabeth on 8th Oct 2023

    Absolutely obsessed with this oil. You don't need too much, it lasts a long time, and it smells incredible. It's woodsy and mysterious! Perfect for fall in my opinion. Will definitely be buying again.

  • 5
    Rook and Raven Eau de Parfum

    Published by Paula Holt on 7th Oct 2023

    Heavy, heady and properly grown up. Only been on an hour (new purchase) and the dry down is coming along nicely, warm patchouli I absolutely love it! Xx

  • 5
    Rook and Raven Aromatic Oil

    Published by Adrienne on 6th Jul 2023

    This was a first for me, I’ve never tried an aromatic oil before. Tiggy is a scent genius, so it’s hard to describe her scents. I would describe this scent as a little mystical and magical. It develops into a soft and slightly sweet wood with some orange and slightly powdery. Anyway, it’s delectable. It’s also different and that is true of any of Tiggy’s scents I’ve tried so far. Not found one I don’t like :).

  • 5
    I am spellbound

    Published by Natalie Gallet on 16th Jan 2023

    Gosh, I have found it. I have found my signature scent! I am addicted to this magical elixir! Must have back up bottles always. Starts off with sweet juicy orange that morphs into a gorgeous soft and comforting patchouli. A little while later a warm sandalwood and a mysterious dark vanilla steps forward. Definitely can smell all the phases of this perfume. A gem. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want to bathe in this stuff for eternity. I have never received compliments on my perfume before and I have always used perfume (Think Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Thierry Mugler Angel, Dior Hypnotic Poison) but Rook and Raven pulled in a total of 4 compliments over 2 days. Please never stop making this intoxicating potion x

  • 5
    Rook & Raven Oil perfume

    Published by Carol Weston on 5th Jan 2023

    Love this little bottle of scent, I've worn it everyday since it arrived just before Xmas, lasts for ages

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