UK Legislation & Regulations


This information is not required by us but we feel it is important that our customers are informed about the rules and regulations we must follow in order to legally sell our wares. 

Anyone who wishes to create and sell a cosmetic product in the UK must hold a valid CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report), which should be attained from a chartered chemist. This rule applies for each product line. 
The CPSR holds all of the relevant information on the product listed for sale, including the INCI names (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) of each ingredient present, and the percentage of each ingredient. A CPSR can only be obtained if the cosmetics chemist finds no fault in the formula, or the manufacturing process, or the premises in which the product is made. These are legal documents, which should be kept on the premises and made available to an acting body or government official should checks needs to be made. 
Here at FuturePrimitive Soap Co we have extensive product lines and you can rest assured all of our products are assessed and hold an up to date CPSR, and all ingredients listed are done so according to UK legislation. 

In addition some essential oils and fragrances contain allergens, which should be listed if they exceed a certain amount in the finished product. All allergens are listed on our website if they occur in any of our individual products at an amount, which could potentially cause irritation or a reaction. This is especially helpful for those customers who know which allergens they react to leaving them free to avoid the product if necessary. 

FuturePrimitive Soap Co is a proud member of the Guild of Craft & Toiletry Makers. In order to be a member you must hold valid CPSR papers, and insurance. Again, please know we have your best interests at heart here, and will always abide by the legislation set by our governing bodies. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the form on this website.