Whipped Soap

FuturePrimitive Whipped Soap is a clever little product, which can be used in 3 different ways. It's a great alternative to handmade soap if you prefer more of a mousse consistency. It can be used as a hair shampoo, as a body wash or as a shave cream. It is made using gentle SLS free cleansers, is water free (but water activated), and will leave skin & hair ultra soft and nourished. We make this product entirely from scratch using our own formula, which spent 3 years in the making to get it just right. 
To use as a shampoo take a coin sized amount (£2 coin or a 50c piece), and apply to wet hair as you would a normal shampoo. Massage it in then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired/needed. To use as a body wash we recommend you use a bath mitt or pouf for optimum results. Massage over skin and luxuriate in the lather, then rinse and follow with your favourite FP body cream. To use as a shave cream apply to skin with your hands and shave as normal, then rinse thoroughly. 
Any allergens present within the essential oils or fragrances added will be listed on the individual product label. 


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