Scent Catalogue


Black HoneyFreshly-potted British hedgerow honey, warm spices, dry leaves, lemons, and mandarins. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

Chocolatier: Dark artisan chocolate made in an old back street shoppe with tiny leaded windows. The scent of orange infused pure cacao chocolate, fig syrup, Tahitian vanilla beans, and West Indian almond.

Dark CarnivalA curious carnival cart offering sweet treats. Honeycomb drizzled with warm caramel sauce, newspaper cones of hot sugared walnuts, fresh coconuts from the shy and a velvet pouch filled with nuggets of golden amber & tonka bean. 

Elijah's ComfortSweet Sicilian orange, freshly-harvested ylang ylang blooms, lemongrass sticks & geranium leaves with a soft heart of English tea roses. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

FestivalA heady waft of nag champa incense dipped in thick, black Indonesian patchouli with a passing puff of smoke from a nomad’s house on wheels.

Four & Twenty BlackbirdsOpulent plum & cassis, dark bramble berries, deep red roses, ripe damsons, patchouli leaf, spices, and moss. 

Inches LaneLike Grandma’s old pea green medicine chest. Notes of rosemary, pine & eucalyptus create a cosy aura, softened with lemon, and earthed with a droplet of black patchouli. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

Lemonade LoungerFreshly-plucked lemons nestled inside a wooden crate, a dainty china cup of vanilla & may chang tea, and hints of warm summer soil carried softly on the breeze. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

Lime CoolerFresh cut limes, Indian tonic water, and the rim of the glass finished with sugar crystals.

MagpieEarthy patchouli oil enlightened with a twist of spearmint. Both earthy and fresh. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

No.11Aged patchouli, deeply relaxing ylang ylang, droplets of Bulgarian lavender, ho leaf, and smoky vetiver. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

One RingShire earth, wood chips and resins, hearth spices, wet moss, rock rose, beaten leather and battered iron. 

Rook & RavenA dark, mystifying blend of sweet Sicilian orange with a dry-down of aged patchouli, sandalwood, and blackened vanilla. 

White Witch: The hubble bubble of a decoction. An ancient blend of Indonesian patchouli mixed with geranium leaf oil. A grounding aroma to balance the emotions and soothe the soul and mind. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.


WITCHCRAFT COLLECTION: These scents are available as handmade soap and ritual anointing oils.

Call The Corners: Before any ritual work we call the corners. We bring in the elemental energies of earth, air, fire & water. A blend of lavender, patchouli, palmarosa & spearmint help to assist with this ritual working. A nice way to ready the self before any undertaking. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

High PriestessMugwort infusion to assist you with connection to your higher self. Essential oils to help you delve deeper into your intuitive nature, to embrace your inner illumination, and trust in your own personal power. The divine feminine calls you to be still and tune in to her strength and guidance. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

Money MagickAll that you need to manifest money! An essential oil blend to attract riches, abundance, and wealth. Patchouli, vetiver, Himalayan cedar, ginger & orange, with a sprinkle of mint leaf. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

ProtectionWhen it feels like you need to protect yourself from outside forces grab this bar, and smother yourself in it’s lather. Let the rosemary, cypress, and geranium allow you to regain balance and strength against harm. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.


THE LOST BOYS COLLECTION: These scents are released once per year (usually summer) and are available as handmade soap, whipped soap, body cream and hair conditioner. Some are also available as perfume oils.

Boardwalk: Blue cotton candy, coconut pulp, an old wooden carousel, pin ball machines, and salty sea air.

Civilian WardrobeVintage comic books, army greens, a smidge of aftershave, and worn leather Nike’s.

Head VampireSuave, sophisticated, and totally untrustworthy. Saffron & mugwort, violet leaf, heavy musk, amber, drying incense, and oud entwined with notes of leather and light citrus.

StarSun drenched skin, caramel, freshly-washed hair infused with incense smoke, a crisp white cotton vest, and red lipstick.

Thou Shall Not FallA balmy seaside breeze carrying soft notes of caramel marshmallows, warm vanilla infused honey, and soft patchouli from a leather biker jacket. 


SPRING/SUMMER: These scents are subject to change depending on which scents you choose. We usually have a poll or questionaire at the start of spring for you to make your suggestions.

Cottontails in the Lavender Bush: Little cottontails sitting in the lavender bushes, their fur the scent of blackened amber, sage leaf, and tonka bean.

Dusty DogwoodInside Dusty Dogwood’s flour mill & bakery, gooseberry & elderflower puddings are the order of the day, served with lashings of toasted coconut cream! (This scent is named after a character from The Brambly Hedge book series by Jill Barklem). 

Ethereal SeasA cool British seaside breeze laced with flora. Spicy basil leaf, freshly-grated lime zest, sun-warmed driftwood, and cranesbill leaves. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

Idgie ThreadgoodeThe Bee Charmer! Rich, thick-set honey, crispy sweet honeycomb, a mug of hot milk, and a spoonful of brown sugar.

Rosa PassifloraSun-ripened passionfruit, raspberryjam, and a scattering of rain-soaked roses.

She's In The OrangeryPottering in a light airy garden room filled with spring sunlight. Cuttings laid out on the potting bench, and an infusion of orange leaf tea ready for serving in dainty little jade cups.

Towanda: A warm southern breeze, rainy summer days, fresh picked tarragon, subtle tomato leaf, bergamot, and moss covered tree stumps.


AUTUMN: These scents change year on year depending on what we have available. This is our busiest season so we have a tendency to release many different blends in all products.

Campfire Marshmallow: Sweet & smoky marshmallows dusted with vanilla sugar, and toasted over a campfire. 

Dust Witch: Softly smouldering incense resins, jasmine flowers, sandalwood chips and patchouli leaves, a cauldron full of blood orange wine and a freshly-baked rhubarb pie served with a cup of black tea.

Ghost SmokeA ghostly apparition on a dusky autumn eve. The lingering scent of smoky Tahitian vanilla bean, and a wisp of sticky blackstrap molasses.

Grumpy PumpkinSweet sugar pumpkin puree spiced with cinnamon & nutmeg, layered onto a warm sweet butter crust drizzled with maple and honey syrup. Grab a spoon!

Hot Orange DanishDelicious fresh out of the oven! Danish pastries filled with rich orange jam finished with a drizzle of sticky, gooey icing.

North WoodsWoollen pullovers scented with outside air and cologne, piles of seasoned birch logs, fir needles, and a glowing home.

Owlett's EndA barley field long past its cutting date, an empty old house, simmering black tea, clary sage & coriander leaves, nutmeg dust, cinnamon sticks, sticky dark orange oil, blackened cardamom pods, and dried tears.

PandemoniumMr. Dark’s Pandemonium carnival. The aroma of rich decadent fudge, caramel cups, spun sugar served on sticks, and cones of sweet caramelised nuts. 

Pumpkin 'eadEarthy, sun-warmed pumpkin flesh, dry cider apple & pear nectar finished with an Autumn spice syrup.

Shadow ShowBlackened pomegranate juice, plum compote spiked with pink pepper, clove & cinnamon and the rising smoke of frankincense tears, patchouli leaf, sticky amber resin, tree moss & caramelised sugar.

Witch CakeFresh out of the oven gingerbread with a vanilla crust, and a mix of toasted dry spice.


WINTER: These scents are subject to change depending on availability. Most are available in all products.

Brambleberries & Evergreen: Fistfuls of dark, sour hedgerow berries, baked citrus fruits, vine leaves, dried orange blossoms and snow-capped pines.

Ebenezer: A miserly cold winter breath moans down a chimney breast into a dark, grey-washed room. The scent of frosted pine needles & eucalyptus leaves encased in ice make way for a hopeful splash of clean lemongrass, and fresh lime. ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND.

Giggle WaterA hypnotising, wizarding beverage to intoxicate and liberate! Rose water gin infused with blackberries, and sloes finished with a slice of lemon.

Hot ChocolateChina cups filled with delicious, creamy hot chocoate fresh out of the pot.

Nutcracker: Freshly brewed coffee made with hazelnut milk, and sweetened cream served with a side of hot buttered nuts dusted with cinnamon, ginger, clove & vanilla.

Warm Nutmeg Milk: The cosiest, most comforting aroma. Hot milk laced with brown sugar topped with a swirl of cream and a dusting of nutmeg husk. The perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in with a roaring fire.

SnowdriftA warming blend of Hot Milk, Honey & Oatmeal with a sugary lick of pure white marzipan. Like a cuddle from Grandma with an additional ‘there there’.

The White Stag: Deep scarlet berries, juicy cranberry, snow crusted pine nuts, and frosted antlers.


In addition to the above scents, we often create Ltd Editions. To keep up to date with new releases subscribe to the newsletter.