For a time, scent and the use of plants has been used by our ancestors in their spiritual work, to awaken the senses in lucid dreamwork, to calm the mind and create stillness, and to help the soul make it's transition to other realms. Nowadays we can tap into these ancient ways using the resources we have in our immediate surroundings, and by utilising ingredients made available to us from across the globe, which make our practices all the more powerful, and help our knowledge to expand to greater heights. 
FP Ritual Anointing oils are inspired by these ancient practices and witchcraft, and are intended to give a nod to those who paved the way for us. The oils are entirely plant based and can be used during divination, prayer, on spell candles, during blessings, or on divination tools. They can also be dropped onto herbs for specific spell work, or in an oil burner during meditation. Use them to set your intention and to improve your focus during your practice. The essential oils are infused into a base of fractionated coconut oil, which does not impart any additional scent.  
These oils are not intended as a medicinal aid or as an alternative to medical attention. If you are in need of medical assistance please contact your health practictioner. 
Each 10ml oil comes in a black glass dropper bottle, and is freshly made to order using pure essential oils, resins, dried herbs, barks & flowers. Once you receive your oil please use within 12 months.


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