Published by Tiggy Fiander on 28th May 2024

I've had a burning yearning to make this a reality for longer than I can remember!
Whipped Body Butter was a staple back in the day when FP first began, but it took a back burner as our luxury body cream became a best seller.

BUT! We are bringing it back ... under a new brand name.
Pinup Potions is a thing, and it's coming very soon. With this new side venture I aim to create only shea butter based whipped body butters. The scent range will inevitably grow, but to kick things off, the available scents will be short-listed to around eight different varieties.
The branding around this new venture is heavily influenced by the 1950's. A style and aesthetic I have had a fondness for, for many years. I'm so excited to make this a reality, and hope to launch by the Autumn just in time for Halloween.
I'll be posting video content for this new brand, but to keep things simple (to begin with at least) I will be launching the sideline via FuturePrimitive. If it takes off, it may well become a stand alone brand.
If you have any questions, please reach out and I'll be happy to answer you.

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