Shadow Show Handmade Soap

Shadow Show Handmade Soap

Published by Tiggy Fiander on 29th Aug 2023

Way back when Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir was the preferred scent of many, soap making suppliers started to offer dupes of the scent. I use a dupe of that scent in this soap. A few years back one of my customers had clocked it and had recognised the scent within this blend. It's not often I use a dupe but it was the perfect partner for the other components of the Shadow Show blend. Also included in the blend is dark patchouli and a rich decadent plum. The scent, as it ages creates a beautiful warm aura, which lingers on the skin beautifully. It's a strong scent and perfect for those who love rich, dark and mysterious fragrances. I love this scent in soap but most of all I love it in my conditioning hair rinse. On the hair it takes on another note that is hard to describe, but it's super sexy!

This year (2023) Shadow Show will be available in a variety of different products, and once again you will see the retuen of the perfume oil.

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