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NEW! Four & Twenty Blackbirds Perfume

£15.00 - £39.50
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 50ml Eau de Parfum can only ship via Royal Mail in the UK. Please ensure you choose this shipping option. If it is part of a larger order we will ship it separately. 

Scent notes: Opulent plum & cassis, dark bramble berries, deep red roses, ripe damsons, patchouli leaf, spices, and moss.  This complex blend has long been a favourite in our bar soap formula, and our other product lines. After much nagging (thank you!) we decided to introduce it as a perfume. It has great longevity, and has a warm, poignant aroma with a great amount of impact. 

Available as a 50ml Eau de Parfum, and a 5ml Aromatic Perfume oil.

The 50ml bottle comes packaged in a simple glass bottle embellished with a wax seal, presented inside a black box. (AVAILABLE IN THE UK ONLY DUE TO SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS)

The 5ml oil comes packaged in a box with a wax seal. (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE - NO RESTRICTIONS)