The Peaked Elite Handmade Soap Bundle (pack of 3)

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A bundle of three soaps all adorned with soft peaks on top. Like chunks of gelato (do not eat!)

You will receive one of each of the following:

Elijah's Comfort - Sweet Sicilian orange, freshly-harvested ylang ylang blooms, lemongrass sticks & geranium leaves with a soft heart of English tea roses.

White Witch - The Hubble Bubble of a decoction. Deepest tones of black Indonesian patchouli, balanced with Bourbon geranium. 

No.11 - Aged patchouli, deeply relaxing ylang ylang, droplets of Bulgarian lavender, Ho leaf, and smokey vetiver.

Each 5 oz soap comes individually wrapped in our own biodegradable wrap with cigar band detailing the full ingredients list. If you wish to see the ingredients of each one please refer to the individual listings on the website.