Swashbuckling Handmade Soap Bundle (pack of 3)

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A flamboyant, exciting bundle of bravado! 

You will receive one of each of the following soaps:

Raspberry & Banana - A two-layered soap. The base scented with juicy raspberries, and the top a ripe banana with toffee nuances.

The Warrior - A salty, wooden war ship misted with sea spray. The scent of tarred rope, Israeli figs, citrus fruits, rich spices and rare frankincense & amber wrapped in sail cloth.

Rook & Raven - A dark, mystifying blend of sweet Sicilian orange with a dry-down of aged patchouli, sandalwood, and blackened vanilla.

Each 5 oz soap comes individually wrapped in our own biodegradable wrap with cigar band detailing the full ingredients list. If you wish to see the ingredients of each one please refer to the individual listings on the website.