Fragrance Concentrates - you choose

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Scent choices:

Bell Book & Candle - A secret witches studio nestled underneath a Copenhagen pavement. Mystical aromas of subtle patchouli leaf, seductive trails of night blooming jasmine, a swish of blonde sandalwood & sweet Arabian musk.

Clotted Peach Cream - Fresh, sweet peach pulp enriched with Cornish clotted cream with a scattering of winter honeysuckle blooms.

Cordwainer - Rows of brand new button-up shoes made with the finest new leather, vanilla scented handkerchiefs, a splash of amber cologne, and rich resinous patchouli.

Cracked Coconut - Fresh green coconut flesh, coconut water, plantain, dragonfruit, and bamboo leaves.

Dragonsblood - An incense blend of patchouli and vanilla pod with notes of rose absolute, orange and jasmine.

GothicaHeady florals, soft aldehydes, bluebell sap, dusky rose, heliotrope, patchouli, and dark otherworldly woods.

Pandemonium - Mr. Dark’s Pandemonium carnival. The aroma of rich decadent fudge, caramel cups, spun sugar served on sticks, and cones of sweet caramelised nuts.

Sugar Plum Tea - A spiced fruit tea of plum & orange, fresh pine needles, a sprinkle of cinnamon finished with sugared amber.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds - Opulent plum & cassis, dark bramble berries, deep red roses, ripe damsons, patchouli leaf, spices, and moss.

Lime Cooler - Fresh cut limes, Indian tonic water, and the rim of a glass finished with sugar crystals.

BoisCedarwood, forest floor, moss, woollen pullovers with remnants of cologne, and rain-soaked dry stone walls.

Lenchwick Farm‘Cambridge Favourite’ strawberries, and Champagne rhubarb waiting to be picked, boxed, and taken to market.

Rose Lemon TeaVibrant rose soaked with lemon dew, tart cassis syrup, bergamot zest and amber, finished with a dusting of vanilla.

SnowdriftA warming blend of Hot Milk, Honey & Oatmeal with a sugary lick of pure white marzipan. Like a cuddle from Grandma with an additional ‘there there’.

Library - A darkened old library filled with antiqued oak shelving, leather bound books, and secret parchment scrolls. A warm sun casts beams of light on parquet flooring, creating a resinous aroma of dark spices and herbs, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, and moss.

The Warrior - A salty, wooden war ship misted with sea spray. The scent of tarred rope,crates of Israeli figs, citrus fruits & rich spices warmed by the sun & the rarest frankincense & amber resins wrapped in sail cloth.