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New information for customers in EU member states - it ain't pretty.

New information for customers in EU member states - it ain't pretty.

31st Dec 2020

Important announcement for my European customers.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that shipments to EU member states have had to cease due to new cosmetics laws and Brexit.

In order for me to continue to sell my products to individuals in EU member states I would have to have a responsible person in a member state to have access and control of my product files and information, and to act as a governing body for my products in order to sell in the EU. Since I have so many products, and continue to make more I am not prepared to do this as the time it would take (not to mention cost) is unrealistic.

I am so mad about this, and know my faithful customers in EU member states will be upset. I am simply left with no option other than to stop allowing your orders to be placed on the website.

If any more changes are made, and they make this easier I will of course update you again.

I don't know why they have made this so difficult. I can continue to ship anywhere else in the world with no problems other than a customs form.

It's so pathetic I could puke.

Non member states remain unaffected by this of course.

Thank you for reading, and again I'm so sorry that the powers that be are asswipes.

Tiggy xx