Bell Book & Candle Fragrance Concentrate

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Scent notes: A secret witches studio nestled underneath a Copenhagen pavement. Mystical aromas of subtle patchouli leaf, seductive trails of night blooming jasmine, a swish of blonde sandalwood, and sweet Arabian musk.

Create your own perfume using our exclusive fragrance blends. This fragrance is an uncut, concentrated blend, which you can use as a base for perfume. 

You will need to choose a mixing medium - we can recommend perfumers alcohol, jojoba oil, or fractionated coconut oil. Depending on if you want an alcohol based perfume or an oil based perfume, the choice is yours. 

For information on perfume making you can refer to YouTube where you will find lots of helpful videos. Google is also very handy if you have any questions.

Net wt: e 5ml

This fragrance concentration must never be used directly on the skin. Always use a carrier oil or perfumers alcohol.

Resale of this product or your finished perfume is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You cannot lawfully sell any handmade item without a safety certificate issued by a chemist, and a CPNP profile.